Welcome to NL Ice Data!

To complement the current Swiss hockey statistics resources, I decided to launch a new Swiss hockey website entirely focusing on hockey statistics and called NL Ice Data. The goal is to present statistics for the the National League, Swiss League, Junioren Elite A and Novizen Elite. By using most of the different statistics the SIHF displays on its website this platform aims at providing new interactive tools to improve the evaluation of teams, players, goalies and coaches' performances and to better understand the game of hockey:

  • Interactive tables and charts;
  • New available statistics and metrics for Swiss hockey;
  • Shot tracker maps;
  • A disciplinary database;
  • A glossary to explain the different terms used on this website and in the hockey analytics community.
  • New tools, projects and statistics along with some projects will be added to the platform. News and website's updates will be shared on the following Twitter accounts: @NLIceData | @spz19
    If the League publishes its proprietary data, in whatever format (.json, .xml or else), this website will be able to add some more *advanced* statistics for individual players.

    This website is the result of a few hundred hours of work as part of a project made under the supervision of Hockey-Graphs through their Mentorship program. Hockey-Graphs is one of the most renowned, and deservedly so, analytical hockey resources in North America and regularly publishing research about various hockey topics (contracts, tactics and much more).

    If you plan to use the different charts, table or data coming from this website, please link back to the website or Twitter accounts.
    There is a possibility that some developments/data/charts contents will be made available through subscriptions in the future. The subscriptions will be affordable and will be reinvested in the website.

    For any commercial use of the available content on this website, please send me an e-mail first at: nl.ice.data@gmail.com

    Do not hesitate to reach out would you have any remarks/suggestions or spot any error:

  • On Twitter: @NLIceData || @spz19
  • By e-mail: nl.ice.data@gmail.com

  • For other hockey statistics on Swiss hockey, you surely know the following classic resources:

  • www.sihf.com
  • www.planetehockey.com
  • www.hockeyfans.ch
  • www.eliteprospects.com
  • www.hockeydb.com
  • www.leading-sport.com

  • For some more *advanced* hockey statistics on Swiss hockey, you can also use the following resources:

  • Micha Hofer's hockey charts and viz with Tableau || Blog: Micha Hofer's blog on swisshockeyblogs.ch about advanced stats in Switzerland || Twitter: @EuroCaps
  • Daniel Weinberger's website about German and Swiss hockey || Twitter: @DanielT_W
  • Paul Yerly's blogspot (National League Stats) with interactive tables and charts || Twitter: @NLAStats
  • MySports' videos and articles on Advanced stats || Twitter (German) : @MySports_CH || Twitter (French) : @MySports_CH_fr
  • RSI Sports proposes some analyses with Andreas Hanni

  • Thank you for your visit!

    Players - Statistics


    Players - Statistics - Game Logs

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    Goaltenders - Statistics - Game Logs

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    Players - Shot Tracker - Maps

    Goaltenders - Shot Tracker - Maps

    Teams - Shot Tracker - Maps



    Explanations and use

  • The above graphs don't contain shot attempts or goals directed on an empty net. As empty-netter shots or goals are often taken from the defensive or neutral zones, they could bias the numbers given in the above table and are only indicated as ENG in the last column. Here, the interest comes from shots in usual offensive situations.
  • For the moment, heatmaps color levels indicate the difference in shot distributions between teams. A darker region as compared to another team may simply indicate that this team takes most of his shot from this region, not that he generates more shots from that region as compared to the other team.
  • There can be some differences between data in this tab and the tab with teams' statistics, especially for the different Corsi statistics. The reasons will be further explained on a data quality article. Shortly, some teams overcount blocked shots, meanwhile some others (like GSHC or SCLT) undercounts them.
  • Players | Goaltenders - Fouls

    Teams - Fouls

    Players - Shootouts